Code of Conduct


It is recognised that football is a passionate game and supporters will have their own way of expressing their support and reactions. This is acceptable and welcomed as it often adds positively to the match experience. However behaviour which jeopardises the safety and enjoyment of others or is likely to bring disrepute to the Club is not acceptable. This includes:

  • anti-social behaviour
  • sectarian, racial, discriminatory or obscene chanting
  • throwing any article within the stadium or its environs
  • encroaching onto the field of play

In respect of any individual who is convicted of a football related offence or is in serious breach of Ground Regulations, all BTFC Supporters Club members will support the Club, Stewards and officials in taking appropriate action. It is recognised that this action will be relevant to each individual case and the most serious cases could include the judiciary system and/or a ban by the Club and membership to BTFCSC revoked.

This Code of Conduct was created by the Basingstoke Town FC Supporters Club


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