2018-19 Player Kit Sponsorship

Ok Ladies & Gentlemen, it’s that time of year to put your hands in your pockets and support the Player Budget by fans sponsoring the individual players kit for this season. As per last year, I want to make this as easy as possible for it to work. Therefore this is the sponsorship options available;

Home & Away Kit Sponsorship = £150

or Individual Home or Away Kit Sponsorship = £80 each.

We have currently 15 players (with more likely this week), who need sponsoring. However,  for those players who would like to be sponsored by their parents, there is 1 or 2, then I will allow you to be sponsored that way.

The current players who need sponsoring are as follows, plus as per last year we have added the Coaching Staff as well,

Players Name                                    Home Kit                      Away Kit

Callum Bunting                              Bertie Hammond          Bertie Hammond

Charlie Kennedy                               Nigel Patel                     Nigel Patel

Colm McAdden                                 Wayne Miller               Wayne Miller

Dean Stow                                            Michael Skinner & David Pink

George Bennett                                      BTFC Supporters Club

George Braithwaite-McGuiness

Harry Long                                                                               Jim Gould

Kaine Macauley

Michael Atkinson                              Jan Pickett                     Jan Pickett

Liam Hunt

Sam Argent                                         Contour Tree And Garden Care Ltd

Sam Deadfield                               Ian Malcolm                   “Walk The Line”

Sam Smart                                                       Carolyn French

Shane Hollamby                                               Paul Waller

Zidan Akers                                    Martin French                  Martin French

Dan Bayliss                                  “Walk The Line”

Dan Collier

Ben Wright

Jim Orvis

Harry Philby                                                                             Jim Gould

Jack McKnight

Terry Brown

Jason Bristow

Dan Brownlie

Kelly Rutledge                            BTFC Stewards


Therefore, please contact me as soon as possible.