BTFC Supporters Club – Save The Camrose Just Giving Fund

The Basingstoke Town Supporters Club are continually saddened to see our iconic ground ‘The Camrose’ for almost 70 years, sit idle and starting to rot. The Club, it’s supporters and wider fanbase have never wanted to leave, but forced by our previous owner Mr Razzak, whose intention is to redevelop the ground for financial gain.

The new Community Club intend to fight to return to our historic home, and we the Supporters Club are to actively fight to raise money for the ‘Save The Camrose’ campaign.

The link to the Just Giving Site is Crowdfunding to Save The Camrose on JustGiving

Your support to raise funds for our club will be much appreciated, and please share to all your friends. Every penny raised from our JustGiving goes directly to the ‘Save The Camrose’ Campaign.