How well do you know BTFC? Test Your Knowledge Week 1 Questions & Answers

Sourced from Wikipedia (, Stats page on the BTFCSC website or check out some of the home programmes.

Questions week 1

  1. What year was the club established?
  2. What two teams merged to form Basingstoke Town FC?
  3. Where did the club play before playing at the Camrose (Ark Cancer Charity Stadium)?
  4. When was the first match played at the Camrose and who was it against?
  5. What game saw the highest recorded home attendance?
  6. What was the smallest attendance at a home match?
  7. When were BTFC the winners of the Remembrance Cup?
  8. When was the last time BTFC won the Hampshire Senior Cup?

Answers week 1 –

  1. 1896
  2. Aldworth United and Basingstoke Albion
  3. Castlefields
  4. 1 December 1945 – Southampton Borough Police
  5. 1997 – FA Cup first round match against Wycombe Wanderers, with 5,085 in attendance.
  6. 6 December 2016 – Hampshire Senior Cup 3rd Round against Cowes Sports with 65 in attendance
  7. 2005 & 2006
  8. 2013/14 season

new quiz questions to follow