Jim Gould – Life Member And Supporter Club Member

Life Member – Jim Gould
To many Basingstoke fans, they will know Jim Gould from his dedication to supporting Basingstoke Town since 1993. Turning 80 last week, you will still see Jim at most home and away games, supporting the blue and gold.
He first came to prominence when he and his long time friend John Turner (sadly departed), started the Friends of Basingstoke, which was set-up to raise money for the Players Budget. Then both of them then introduced the Lucky Seven game, which raised many thousands over the years, as well as introducing the club share scheme.
He was appointed to the board in August 2007, but due to ill health he resigned in June 2008. It was at this stage that the club decided to make him a life member.
Later around 2011 he was actively involved in arranging work parties of volunteers to ensure the Camrose met ground grading. This involved the building of the turnstile down Winchester Road, the replacement of seats in the stand, updating the concrete walkways and many other jobs
In recent years Jim has been an active member of the Supporters Club and has funded many fundraising schemes such as the player kit sponsorship.
But Jim is more than just about helping the club financially, as he is always the first to say hello to young academy players and old players alike. The same goes to fans of our and opposition clubs.
For those many fans who have known Jim for many years, I’m sure they will wish Jim best wishes as he passes his 80th birthday and hope to see him follow the blue and gold for many more years.
A true Life Member and Basingstoke Fan


  1. I can remember Jim when he and John Turner use to run the original lucky 7. It use to sell well back in them days, before online gambling etc.