Last Night’s Supporters Club AGM

Firstly, a big thank-you to all those members and supporters who attended last night. It was a good turnout and really good to see everybody there.

Although, it was a Supporters Club meeting, I also gave a fuller update on where the Community Club currently stands, including the financial challenge we have once we take over from BT Ltd. It is really important that everyone understands the reality of this situation.

Thanks to everyone who renewed their membership and for those new members who joined the Supporters Club last night. I hope more of you will join over the coming months and I will later today add the simple ways to join the Supporters Club.

We discussed the Supporters Club activity over the past 12 months and the large financial support it gave towards the Players Budget last season.
I will be sending out the minutes of the meeting and the Financial Report that was discussed last night to all the membership in the next few days.

I also mentioned the Supporters Club World Cup competitions that we will be running and will add a separate thread later today about that, This will explain how anyone can take part. So please look out for that.

If you any fund-raising ideas then please contact me on here.