Lastest Community Club Update

On the evening of Wednesday 12th February, Basingstoke Town Community Club hosted our arranged meeting with Councillors and members of Hampshire FA in a bid to fully explain to councillors of the town, in no uncertain terms, where we are as a club, and with it, our hopes for the future.
Chairman Terry Brown, Vice Chairman Kevin White and Steve Williams used the opportunity to guide the Councillors through our timeline, our much publicised struggles and our hopeful future plans. Of course, any true future would rely on decisions coming from people in that very meeting which included Cllr Simon Bound and Cllr Rebecca Bean. There was a great sense of importance to the meeting and that was acknowledged in all corners of the room.
We explained how the Community owned club has been deprived of the Camrose revenue streams and was at serious risk of not surviving if we were forced to continue a financially unsustainable ground share at Winchester or elsewhere outside the borough for the 20/21 season.
‘It was important that we had the opportunity to speak with the leaders of our town and demonstrate the positives and potential of our great football club and, of course, make clear our struggles and what we need to not just survive but to be afforded a chance to prosper” Chairman, Terry Brown explains ‘It was a very positive meeting. We highlighted the narrow timescales involved and left the room in unified confidence that decisions were there to be made and to be made quickly. We stressed that it was ‘Crunch Time’ and decisions had to be made quickly .The Southern League and FA rules required us to notify where we would be playing by 31 March 2020 so time is of the essence. We will certainly be pushing for answers over the coming week.’
The many comments and contributions from councillors in attendance were universally in support for prompt action that would secure the future of the Community run club.