Match Preview: Basingstoke Town – Paulton Rovers FA Cup Replay

Tomorrow night Basingstoke return to the Camrose after a 1 -1 draw at Paulton Rovers. For those who intended Saturday’s draw in Somerset, they will have not only seen a pretty average performance from us, but will have also seen a well organised Paulton team who sit just one division below us.

it’s not good when your two best players on the day are keeper Colm McAdden & defender Dan Bayliss.

More will be expected from our starting eleven and especially our wingers if we choose to play both from the start. Basingstoke will look to take more control of the midfield and could start a more holding player such as Collier to ensure this happens.

I would also expect to see a better service given to striker Sam Argent, who seemed very much on his own against two big central defenders.

I have heard of no injuries for our team, although both Smart & Akers took some heavy knocks.

As for Paulton Rovers, after seeing them, they have 3 big defenders who also have surprising speed. They are prepared to pass it around in midfield and tend to favour attacking down the right wing. 

Their keeper Bobby Brown looked a little unsure at times and his kicking was pretty awful. Let’s hope that continues?

Paulton also picked up a couple of injuries on Saturday and these players will face fitness tests before the game.

Their forwards Jack Ball & Sam Jordan also seemed to link up well, and we will need to close them down a lot quicker tomorrow night.   

Here’s hoping for a good turnout by our supporters and let’s get behind our team and if we perform like we should then we should hopefully progress into the next round.

Match Preview by Martin French..