Match Preview: Chesham Utd v Basingstoke Town Tuesday 22nd January 2019

Match Preview: Evo Stick South Premier Division South
Chesham United v Basingstoke Town
When: Tuesday 22nd January 2019 Kick-off 7.45pm
Where: The Meadow, Ivy Lane, Chesham. HP5 1NE

Well just ten days after we lost to Chesham at the Camrose, we travel up to Buckinghamshire to take on Chesham again, in the hope of points on a ground where we do not have the best of records.

Last season we lost 4-1 at the Meadow, with Callum Bunting heading a consolation goal for Stoke. Then in the season before in December 2016 we lost 4-0 on a day where a large number of Btg fans made it clear that they wanted the Owner out. Yes that was over two years ago!!

Nothing much has changed at Chesham since our first meeting this season. They are still jointly Managed by James Duncan & Michael Murray

Chesham Utd, have moved upto 18th place in the league, after Saturday’s goal-less draw at home to the up and down Dorchester Town. There record now stands at Played 25 Won 8 Drawn 6 and Lost 11 with 30pts. Their goal difference still sits at a poor -18 and are still the lowest scorers in the league with just 25.

With just 25 goals scored, their leading goalscorer is still Non-League journeyman Jefferson Louis with just 5 goals, and then midfielder Bradley Clayton with 4 goals.

We do know two thing’s about this Tuesday’s match-up. Firstly, they know where our weak spots are, and without doubt will use the same tactics again. The second is that they will again use the tactic of trying to influence the referee and will put pressure on the referee and linesman anytime a Stoke player goes near one of them.

Basingstoke in 20th place, two places and two points below this time to our opponents Chesham.

Martin Kuhl, will have some decisions to make for this game. With ongoing injuries and Argents suspension, he needs to find a line-up that can combat Chesham’s plan over sending ball after ball into our penalty box. Fitness concerns around Kennedy, Pearse and Dean Stow are ongoing.

In the first game we did somehow lead 2-1 at halftime, but second-half we simply couldn’t maintain keeping them out and were under siege for the first 15 mins of the second-half.

Who will start up front with Wright, or will his formation look at trying to combat Chesham’s influential midfielders

Sam Deadfield & Sam Smart will need to be on top form and must create more clearer chances for the likes of Wright and possibly Redford.

Akers may be inline for a start Tuesday night, but in a game where we need to get something out of it, we need to be strong in defence and can see Martin going with an extra defender from the start.

Remember Chesham are a team who still generally scores few goals, so we can always be in games, but our finishing in league games simply needs to improve.

Martin Kuhl is still looking for that defender or defenders with height and pace to help us out at the back, but like Basingstoke a lot of teams have those exact same needs.

A loss on Tuesday will be a big blow, if we are to try and dig our way out of the relegation battle even in January. Many fans have stated to me since the first match-up that maybe it’s time that we got a little smarter on the pitch and use similar tactics.

Odds please Ian, when you get a chance.

Match Preview by Martin French..