Match Report: Basingstoke Town 3 – 2 Wimborne Town

Evo-Stick South Premier Division South – Saturday 15th September 2018

Basingstoke Town 3 v 2 Wimborne Town        Attendance 385

Well that was a game that those attending fans won’t forget for a while, as we pull out a win when we were lucky to earn 1pt.

On a day when the wind dropped, the sun came out, and hope for a home win reverberated through today’s crowd. With Director of Football Terry Brown watching Bristol Manor Farm, lose a 2 nil lead at home, Manager Jason Bristow’s line-up was as follows; In goal Colm McAdden, the back four Stow, Philby, Bayliss & Orvis. The midfield 4 contained Collier, Akers, Bennett & Deadfield and the forwards Smart & Argent.

On the bench was; Bunting, McKnight, Hollamby, Hunt & Wright

Basingstoke are attacking the Town End in the first half.
In the first two minutes of the game, promoted Wimborne Town seemed to take the early control, as they passed the ball with some neat interlinking passing, but failed to produce anything in the final third of the pitch.

However, following Basingstoke’s first attack of the game, which was easily snuffed out, the Magpies just seemed to drift down the other end of the pitch, with virtually no resistance and then slide the ball into the back of the net. Basingstoke 0 – 1 Wimborne.
Did this shock the home team into action, if it did then I never saw it as we seemed to be on our back feet as Wimborne pressed for a second goal.

On 12 mins we have our first attack with good work from Akers whose cross is headed away for our first corner. The corner is easily cleared by Wimborne.
There, is very little penetration by either team over the next few minutes, but Wimborne are clearly the team looking secure in their play an have attacks on 16 & 17 mins.

Our first real attack of quality is on 22 mins as Smart is put down the right, he jigs past the left back and send a lovely cross into the box, it beats the first set of defenders and finds Deadfield at the far post who is unable to get a clean header on the ball and it flicks off for a goal-kick.

We attack again on 25 mins, with Smart again producing the cross, but Argent cannot get the first touch on the cross and Wimborne are able to clear.
On 29 mins Wimborne attack again with speed, but Orvis with a fine tackle, puts an end to that.

Really very little action of note by either team at this point in time.

The game is drifting towards half-time with Wimborne under no real pressure, as Akers cuts inside but his shot is dragged well wide.

Then on 44 mins with Akers & Smart switching wings, Wimborne can only half clear a long ball into their half, the clearance is picked up by Smart who  slides it out to the right wing where Akers attacks the left back and then unleashes a powerful low shot that beats the keeper into the bottom corner of the near post. GOAL Basingstoke Town 1 – 1 Wimborne Town. 

The ref then blows for half-time.
Some of the Btg decide to stay down the Town End where they can make more noise under the stand.

Stoke are the first team on the attack in the second half as Smart is fed on the left but his cross is easily cleared. On 51 mins Stoke are back at it and we attack with Akers & Deadfield in a 1-2 move that gives Deadfield the chance to shoot, but this is well blocked by Wimborne.

On 55 mins Orvis makes another tackle as Wimborne attack and then releases Smart down the left, who cuts inside but his shot flies way over the bar.
Wimborne, then spend the next few minutes in our half with some neat passing but fail to really produce a shot on goal.

On the hour, the Magpies win a free-kick 25 yds out after a poor tackle by Stow. The free-kick hits the wall and the rebound shot flies wide of the goal.

The game seems to be drifting along until on 64 mins when Smart is put clean through, but his shot is straight at the keeper who palms the ball out for a corner. Nothing occurs from the corner. 
Wimborne are still looking dangerous as we make our first substitution as Akers is replaced by McKnight on 65 mins.

On 67 mins we win a free-kick 25yds out. The shot by Stow beats the wall, but is well held by the keeper. This is followed up by another shot by Smart which is initially blocked who then slides it to Deadfield whose shot flies wide.

Then controversy occurs on 74 mins as a through ball to a Wimborne player who slides to the ground, the ref blows for a free-kick just outside the box and then produces a red card for Stow, apparently for pulling the forward back. The free-kick produces nothing, but Stoke are now under the cosh with 10 men.

On 78 mins Hollamby replaces Orvis, whose first action is a shot from a Stoke corner that is blocked in the 6-yd box and is cleared away. Stoke despite the player deficit have another attack on 80 mins and Smart shoots wide.

Then Wimborne have 3 mins of play in and around our penalty area. The ball is cleared twice, but comes straight back, but Bayliss finally thumps it downfield.
Basingstoke make their final change on 83 mins as Bunting replaces Argent.
However, the Wimborne extra-man advantage finally counts on 84 mins, as the Magpies No.10 cuts inside in our box, he has two shots well-blocked only for a 3rd which takes a wicked deflection off a defender and over McAdden into the net.

The game is slowly drifting away from us as Wimborne seem to have the game under control.

But then out of nowhere as we move into 91 mins, an innocuous cross by Smart is handled by a Wimborne player. The ref points for a penalty. With Stow sent off, Bunting takes the kick, which I believe is half-saved but Bunting follows up and slams it into the net. GOAL Basingstoke Town 2 – 2 Wimborne Town. Their is a minor pitch invasion as a couple of fans hug Colm McAdden.

The game gets underway again on 93 mins and Stoke out of nowhere are back on it with Smart yet again down the left, Wimborne seem to have forgotten how to defend as the ball is released to Collier about 25yds out who smashes a shot that hits a Wimborne defender but finds the corner of the net. GOAL Basingstoke Town 3 -2 Wimborne Town.   Another minor celebratory pitch invasion with McAdden occurs.

The ref restarts the game, but as it moves into 5 mins of injury-time, he finally calls time on the game and somehow we have pulled it out of the bag.

Final Score: Basingstoke Town 3 – 2 Wimborne Town

Final Thoughts – We certainly didn’t deserve 3 points today, but it’s these sort of results that will keep you in the promotion places. The Wimborne fans would clearly be unhappy with the result after a decent performance by them.

Match Report by Martin French..