Match Report: Dorchester Town 4 v 1 Basingstoke Town Saturday 16th March 2019

Evo-Stick South Premier Division South Saturday 16th March 2019
Dorchester Town 4 v 1 Basingstoke Town Attendance 432

With the understanding that a tough travel day was ahead, those Basingstoke faithful took to the trains and road to Dorset to watch a hugely important game down at Dorchester.

One question whilst sitting on the train at Bournemouth station for 45 mins awaiting a train driver, was whether the either of the QPR loan signees be back from injury and back in the squad along with Jack Wakely or would Charlie Kennedy and or Dan Bayliss be back in defence today. Well the QPR loanees weren’t there and that was the start of a bad day.

The line-up was 1.Tom McGill 2. Dean Stow 3. Adam Everiss, 4.Michael Atkinson, 5. Dan Bayliss, 6. Jack Wakely, 7. Sam Smart, 8. Charlie Kennedy (Capt), 9. Sam Argent 10. Harry Pearse, 11. Ben Wright

On the bench; 12. Akers 14. Orvis 15 Hunt

With the really strong wind swirling around the Stadium, the game got underway, with Basingstoke attacking the covered end in the first half.

The first attack was on 3 mins as the hosts seemed to be able to break through 3 half tackles and a shot from 20 yds was well held by McGill.

Two minutes later, the hosts were again able to break from the midfield and although tackles went in the ball on this surface seemed to bounce straight back to them and their seemed to bludgeon his way through our defence, but this time his shot just went over the bar.
On 7 mins we create an opening for Kennedy to hit one from 25yds, but that was and high and wide and with the wind halfway to Weymouth by now.
On 9 mins and we should be one down as they break down our right, a neat passing movement ends with a low cross, where the forward somehow puts it over the bar from 5yds.

However, on 14 mins we go behind as they break again, poor defending and the ball is slotted home.

On 21 mins Smart wins a free-kick after being pulled down. The kick about 28yds out by Stow, does not trouble the keeper as it’s 4yds wide and 4 yds too high.

On 23 mins and to confirm some of other fans thought’s on the game, as Dorchester win back-to-back corners which are well defended, but the ball after the second one flies past the goal and towards the touchline, the Magpies players chases after it and keeps it in and sends in another cross. Not one of our players showed any intent in chasing the ball or trying to close him down.

A good low cross on 24 mins by Smart down the right is well gathered by the keeper.

Another attack by them on 26 mins as our defence seems to part like the Red Sea, and it’s only the hands of McGill that puts it out for a corner. Nothing come from corner.

On 27 mins we win 3 corners in the space of a minute after their No.2 takes too long on the ball on the edge of his box and Argent dispossesses him then turns and hits it well but at the keeper who has too push it over the bar. The first corner is sliced back out, the second is headed up the air and the wind takes it over the byline. Finally from the 3rd corner they can clear it.

Then on 30 mins we get the break that we need to get back in the game as the ball is released to Smart down the right and his cross is turned into his own net by the Magpie No.14. Great finish GOAL !! Dorchester Town 1-1 Basingstoke Town

On 34 mins they have another attack down our left and a good move ends up with the shot going narrowly wide of the far post.

On 36 mins we create a nice one, two move between Pearse and Argent, that ends with Pearse’s cross a little too close to the keeper who collects the ball.
On 42 mins another Magpie chance, fortunately another Magpie miss, as this shot flies over the bar.
Somehow we are level at halftime and a chance to pull something out in the second-half!

No changes at halftime as the game gets back underway, and theirs shouts for a Dorchester penalty, but the ref turns it away.

More playing it out the back nearly gives them a second goal after we lose it again, but a last ditch tackle by Wakely stops that chance.

Then on 55 mins we go behind again, as we are in their half but Wright loses the ball in their half, one 30yd pass to a wide open wright winger who takes the ball deep into our half then slides it inside to one forward, who slides it out to another wide-open attacker who advances two paces then hits one, McGill makes an initial save, but on this surface the ball continues to roll past him into the net.

On 59 mins it should be 3-1 as they break again, and more good work is finished by a shot that hits the outside of the far post and away.

Zidane Akers is our first substitution of the day who replaces Ben Wright.

On 63 mins, and further proof of the strength of the wind, is a clearance by one o our players is headed back 15yds by a Magpie defender, but the wind picks up the ball and it swirls across and out 5yds past where the defender headed it.

On 66 mins they win a penalty after one of their player is fouled in the box. The ball is slotted past the keeper and we are heading for defeat as it stands 3-1 to Dorchester.
On 69 mins we have what seems our only shot on goal in the second-half as a shot from 30yds by Kennedy is easily picked up by the keeper.
The next ten minutes we create absolutely nothing, we have possession, but as soon as we get close to the penalty area, we lose it.

We move into the last ten minutes of the game and it should be 4-1 as a home forward seems to be left on his own and his shot is pushed wide of the post by McGill.
The game is getting scrappy now, as we can’t seem to put a foot on the ball or even pass it either.

Then on 89 mins they break again, another good passing move, ends with another shot which McGill has no chance and it’s 4-1.

I stand around for another two minutes, but that’s enough for me and I’m off out the ground.

Final Score: Dorchester Town 4 v 1 Basingstoke Town

Final thought’s – Well the comments on the match thread confirm what our fans state after the game before we head home. Lack of skill and control on a surface that we just don’t perform on.

We slip down to 18th and back in the mire of the relegation battle.

Dorchester are clearly set-up to play on this type of surface, but they showed more desire today and should have had 7 or 8 for the second time in five days.

Thank Christ we have no more matches on these plastic pitches this season.

Up next in a week’s time is our home game and the visit of the Old Bill (Met Police).

Match Report by Martin French..