Match Report: Royston Town 1 – 0 Basingstoke Town

Southern Premier League Division – Saturday 7th March 2018
Royston Town 1 – 0 Basingstoke Town     Attendance – 251

On a day when news broke that Charlie Kennedy would be out for the rest of the season, Terry Brown took his depleted squad upto Hertfordshire to take on a Royston Town team who sit 6th in the table but out of the playoff race.
Terry’s starting line-up was in goal Colm McAdden, Tom Leggett, Captain Guri Demuria, Dan Bayliss and Tim Wohlfiel, in midfield Michael Atkinson, Sam Deadfield, Jack McKnight and George Bennett. Up front Callum Bunting and Sam Smart. On the bench was Goater, Martin, Collier, McGuiness and Harris.

There is very little play in either teams penalty area in the first few minutes of the game, until the 6th minute when Royston win a corner down our left. The short corner creates a shot for the Crows, but this is initially well blocked before a cross is headed clear by Guri Demuria.
Stoke create their first attack on 11 mins, but the shot by Deadfield although on target, doesn’t really trouble the keeper. A shot from 30yds by Sam Smart is also saved easily by the Crows keeper.

Then on 20 mins Royston win a free-kick 25yds out. The shot beats the wall but McAdden makes a fine save as he palms it away for a corner. The corner is well collected by McAdden.

Stoke win their first attacking free-kick on 24 mins, but Bennett’s kick, is blocked out for a corner. Nothing comes from the corner as Bayliss heads it wide.
On 30 mins Royston attack down our left the ball is neatly passed around our box, but McAdden makes another fine save.
Still very little action by either team, until 42 mins as the Crows break from a Stoke attack, the forward beats our defence, but his shot low down to McAdden’s left but another fine save as he deflects it out for a corner.
Half-time 0 – 0
Just 3 mins into the second half and Royston win a corner down our right. The ball is swung in, Stoke can’t seem to clear it and bounces to a Crows player who is not challenged and he hits it off the underside of the bar and in. Stoke trail 1 – 0.
On 52 mins Atkinson finds space 25yds out central to the goal but his shot goes 10yds wide and high. Then on 60 mins Smart receives the ball down our left, he cuts inside and his shot curls towards the far post, it has the keeper beaten but slips just past the outside of the post.
Stoke make their 1st change with Collier replacing Bennett.
Still very little action of note by either team until 72 mins when McAdden produces another fine save from a Royston break.
Stoke make their 2nd change as Goater replace an injured Atkinson as the minutes drift away.

Sorry, but that was about it as the ref blows the final whistle.
Final Score; Royston Town 1 – 0 Basingstoke Town

Post Match Thoughts;
Man-of-the-match clearly McAdden, but the team offered very little today. Not sure why Royston are 6th as they were no better than us.
This game in a sleepy little village/town was also ruined by an over officious steward, who in the 1st half told our young fans to stop banging the back of the stand, as it was new and we were making too much noise. At the end of the game he then confronted a couple of our other fans, basically stating he can do what he wants. Nice one mate!

Off to St Ives on Thursday to see if we can pick some points up on the road for a change.
Match Report by Martin French