Match Report: Wimborne Town 2 – 4 Basingstoke Town Saturday 30th March 2019

Evo Stick South Premier Division South 30th March 2019
Wimborne Town 2 v 4  Basingstoke Town  Attendance 417
Where: The Koolpak Stadium, Cuthbury, Cowgrove Road, Wimborne. BH21 4EL

Fans all-week had been wondering how we would fare in a hugely important game for the survival of Basingstoke Town. Well today we came, we saw, we plundered!!!
With just a couple of minor changes Martin Kuhl sent out the following line-up to do a job on Wimborne Town. 1.Tom McGill, 2. Dean Stow 3. Adam Everiss, 4.Michael Atkinson 5.Jack Wakely 6. Dan Bayliss, 7. Sam Smart, 8. Harry Pearse, 17. Ben Wright, 10. Sam Deadfield (Capt), 11. Yvan Jourdan
On the bench; 12. Orvis 13. Rackley 14. Kennedy 15 Duncan 16.Argent

A large number of Basingstoke Town fans ventured back into Dorset on a lovely sunny and warm day as the game got underway with us attacking the clubhouse end/uncovered end.

Very little action of note until the 6th minute when we give away a free-kick to Wimborne about 20yds away from our goal. Fortunately the shot hits the wall and the follow-up shot is blocked and we are able to breakaway down towards the halfway line. We are able to successfully build from this break and Everiss down the left wing, sends in a decent cross into the heart of the goalmouth, but the Magpies are able to head it clear.
We win a corner down the right on 10 mins, but again the short corner returned to Pearse, is then followed by a shot come cross that flies high over the bar.

Still very action of note by either side as we drift past the first 20 minutes of the game.
Then what seems out of nowhere on 25 mins an innocuous cross is put away and we are behind again.
Again there seems to be very little action of note by other team, as we are unable to create anything anywhere close to the penalty area.

Wimborne win back-to-back corners on 38mins but we are able to defend both quite easily.
Then on the stroke of halftime and out of nowhere, we attack and the ball is fed to Jourdan on the edge of the box, he then flicks the ball past one defender and then is first onto it and he clips it past the oncoming keeper into the net. GOAL Wimborne Town 1 – 1 Basingstoke Town
The game is restarted and literally 10 seconds later the referee blows the halftime whistle.

As a couple of us make our way around the pitch, you can hear one set of players getting a loud talking to by the Manager.

The game gets back underway, with no changes by Basingstoke as far as I’m aware!
We have the first attack as Stow breaks down the right and sends in a cross that is met by the head of a diving Harry Pearse, but it’s 3yds wide.

We back on it two minutes later, this time down the left after good work by Jourdan, who slides it to Smart who sends in a left-footed cross where Deadfield is on his own two yards out, but puts it wide. Another chance a minute later as Jourdan breaks into the box and the keeper is unable to hold onto his shot and somehow the rebound is put wide by a Stoke player.

Then on 50 mins we yet again attack down the left, the first cross by Everiss is blocked just inside the  penalty area, the ball is then flicked across the goalmouth where Wright is somehow all on his own and he has time to just flick it past the keeper into the net. GOAL !! Wimborne Town 1 – 2 Basingstoke Town

We are back on the attack again and Stow and Smart link-up well down the right and the cross by Smart is met by Deadfield, but the ball is blocked away for a corner.

On 57 mins they then break down our right and the ball finds a Wimborne striker 20yds out, who has time to turn and shoot, but the shot is well saved by McGill.

On 62/63 mins we then somehow can’t make it three, as we break down the left. Again good work by Jourdan and Smart and the ball is sent into the goalmouth to Wright, who shoots but’s it blocked 2yds out, the rebound falls to Pearse who can’t put it away, as his shot is also blocked and the ball drops to Smart who blast it over the bar.

On 66 mins another attack by us, as Pearse feeds the ball down to Everiss down the left. A quick one-two with Jourdan allows Everiss to send in a low cross that causes havoc in the Wimborne goalmouth, but yet again we can’t get a final touch on it and a defender hoofs it away.

Then on 68 mins Wimborne win a free-kick about 35yds out down the right. The kick is met by a Magpie forward who heads it wide of the post and their chance of getting back into the match.

On 70 mins we get  the break away from home the team deserves, as we again attack down the right and as the ball is put across and the defender puts out a leg and deflects the ball wide of the keeper and into his own net. GOAL !!! Wimborne Town 1 – 3 Basingstoke Town

This goal is no more than we deserve as we have attacked virtually non-stop from the start of the second-half.
Martin Kuhl decides to make two immediate substitutions as Ben Wright and Harry Pearse are replaced by Sam Argent and the returning Kian Duncan.

The Btg are now in full voice behind the goal-mouth as we attack again down the right and we force the Wimborne defender to put it out for a corner. The corner is cleared 30yds away, but Stow and then Smart have crosses blocked, but then a third cross is sent over and the ball is going away from Argent, but he flies up and with an overhead bicycle kick makes great connection and the ball flies into the net YES GOAL !!!! Wimborne Town 1 – 4 Basingstoke Town.

Finally Sam makes the perfect contact on one of his specialities and the game is now settled.
We make our final 3rd substitution as we go defensive as we bring on Kennedy for Jourdan.

We are still on the attack and again Smart and Duncan link-up well as we break into the home teams half and the shot by Deadfield from 25yds is saved by the keeper.

Then on 81 mins Wimborne break and the ball is crossed into our goalmouth and the ball is put away and Wimborne pull one back.

The next few minutes there is an uneasy feel as the home side look to attack again, but superb defensive work by Wakely (header clear), then Kennedy two strong clean tackles puts all thoughts of a revival away.

On 91 mins we then create a chance for a fifth goal as we break and have a 3 on 2, but Duncan I believe takes a touch too long in sliding the ball across and Wimborne are able to clear.
The referee who has had a good quiet game blows the final whistle and sends our fans into delirium behind the goal.

Final Score: Wimborne Town 2 – 4 Basingstoke Town

A fantastic second 45 minutes sends us home with a vital 3 points and a superb all-round performance.
The whole team played well and another goal for Ben Wright and more attacking options from Jourdan give us the win.

Great to see the players come behind the goal after the game and celebrate with our fans.

Up next is our Hampshire Snr Cup semi-final on Tuesday night against Southampton U23’s, before another big match as we entertain Tiverton Town at the Camrose.
After today’s superb win, I hope our fans turnout in droves for these two big matches.

Match Report by Martin French..