1. Very poor refereeing in my view as a fellow ref. He blows for handball and gives an indirect free kick against the keeper so any supposed infringement by Ben was after he blew his whistle and therefore not applicable for any punishment. I listened to the radio commentary and picked up a lot of screaming from both benches and feel the management team need to manage the game better. That includes the referee so that for any 50/50 calls we are not prejudiced against.

  2. I think the opposite as stand close to the bench on occasions and their shouting at the ref/Lino is negative and thinking they are being clever when they are being the opposite. The referee and all officials are influenced by the management and players but pick your battles and get the players switched on to work the ref. This comes with experience and was my speciality when I played and managed so notice it more than most. They will learn to pick the correct times to make a statement and when not to argue about a nothing tackle on the half way line.