Season Paused Till March – What Could Happen Then?

With the Government statement that the country goes into a National lockdown from today and likely until the back-end of February, it now looks like any restart will surely be left until March.

With that expectation in place, then how will the Trident Leagues assess how to continue or end the season.

The season already pushed into May and unless agreement to extend into June, could well mean a change of how to progress the leagues.

One thought is to split each division in half then play a home and away game against the other teams in the league.

For us that would mean 18 games, which could be achievable in the three month period, and would then allow some form of playoff between the two leagues to ascertain promotion and relegation places.

Would this be fair, I’m not sure, but would clearly save travelling costs especially those extra mid-week games that would be required.

Could the Southern and other leagues decide on another cancellation of the whole season? This surely would be unnecessary, but would again put the League Restructure that was delayed last season and promised this season again in doubt.