Steve Williams Stepping Down – Statement From Terry Brown

Steve Williams
On behalf of the Community Club Board, I am sad to announce that for personal reasons Steve Williams has decided to stand down from his role as Club Secretary and board member. Steve and Denise have always been much more than secretary or volunteer board members. They have been a massive driving force, that has allowed us to take over the running of our football club. A club that survives financially without any help from the massive corporations we are dealing with on a day to day basis.
Steve has agreed to continue supporting our planning application, where his expertise and diligence are crucial to our aim of returning home.
Personally I would like to put on record my appreciation of everything Steve has done for our club. He has guided me and helped me to adjust into the role of Chairman. He has written our Business Plan and supervised a budget without the help of the necessary revenue streams to run a football club. He has also managed to navigate a pathway between HFA, their builders SIS and Malcolm McPhail co director of Basron who ejected us from the Camrose. Add to this the cocktail of love between the Council and (I won’t let the club die) RAFI, and you get some idea what a job he has done working alongside every party that claims to be helping our club move into Winklebury. (Henry Kissinger : Eat Your Heart Out).
Many thanks to a lovely couple, who will always be warmly welcomed to Winklebury.
Terry Brown
Chairman Of Basingstoke Town Community Football Club