Supporters Club – World Cup 2018 Competition’s

Ok, to try and create some fun with the World Cup over the next six weeks or so, the Supporters Club will be running 3 different World Cup Competitions;

Firstly, the very simple one;

£5 entry for a World Cup team. One entry per person. The draw for this will take place on Saturday down the Clubhouse at 2pm. Therefore, we need to have 32 people enter to make it interesting. You can contact me on here, by facebook or by email at

If you would like to draw your own team, then please be at the clubhouse before 2pm, otherwise an independent person will draw all teams.

I will then notify you of your team, later that evening.

If your team wins the World Cup then you win £100 Runners Up will win £20. The Supporters Club will keep the balance.

The second competition takes slightly more thinking;
£3 per entry and you can enter more than once.
The competition is to guess the eight teams who will finish bottom of each of the A to H groups. For example if you think Spain in Group B will finish bottom then state Spain. Do the same for all 8 groups.
The winner will take 80% of the entry money for this competition.

As there is no draw, I will take entries upto Wednesday 13th June 6pm.

The 3rd competition is more guesswork;
The whole World Cup will contain a total of 64 matches. There are obviously two teams per match thus 128 possible clean sheets (no goals conceded by a team after 90 minutes only).
Thus take a guess of how many teams will have clean sheets. It could be 25, 50 or 70. Entries are just £2 a time and you can have a total of 3 entries thus £6.

Again the winner or closest (closest number below the total figure), will win 80% of the entry money. To give you some help, there were 37 clean sheets in the 2014 World Cup Finals.

Again, as there is no actual draw, I will take entries upto Wednesday 13th June 6pm.

I have already had a number of entries for all 3 competitions, so get involved as soon as possible.

Any question’s, please contact me on here asap. I will load this onto both the Supporters Website and Club Website later today.

I will sort out the best way to make payment, once you have requested to enter a competition. I will be down the clubhouse from 12pm on Saturday morning, if you want to enter personally.

Best of luck to all those who want to take part.