Supporters Travel To Evesham Utd – Saturday 14th December 2019

Ok up next is our away trip to Evesham Utd on Saturday 14th December 2019.
Looking at the trains we are looking to get the following train to Evesham.
Adult Price is £21.80, Kids with F&F railcard is £6.25, but will see if we can find any cheaper prices this week.
BSK 10.19 via Oxford arrives Evesham at 12.19
Trains back are one an hour
5.25pm arrives back in Basingstoke at 7.27pm
6.28pm    ”        ”     ”         ”          ”  8.27pm
As this service uses Cross Country and Great Western Trains, there are not issues with train strikes.

It is then intended to walk into the High Street about 400yds to the Old Swanne Pub (Wetherspoons) and then go from there. There is in fact a free minibus service from the High Street to the ground. There are no pubs close to the ground.

The ground is just over 2 miles from the station.

I will start a list tomorrow on the forum for those wishing to go.