Supporters Travel To Farnborough Monday 22nd April 2019

Ok with there being a reduced train service on Monday, the suggested train to Farnborough will be the 10.54am that arrives Farnborough 11.15am (the next train is the 11.41am arriving 11.57am).
As per previous years we will walk to the Thatched Cottage about 10 minutes away from the station. We can get food and drink there as usual.

The ground is then another 15 minute walk from the pub.

There is a better train service back. Trains depart 5.05 min and 5.13 mins and take approximately 20 mins. There is a train that departs 5.16 but takes 49 mins. Trains depart at the same time each hour onwards.
Train prices are Adults £4.59 Kids with F&F railcard £1.30 or normal £3.40