Supporters Travel to Walton Casuals – Sat 11th August 2018

Although Walton-on-Thames is not the nearest station to the ground, it is the easiest, quickest and cheapest for the Yellow & Blue Army to get to and it’s a fairly simple route from the station to the ground.

However, as we move in to the Summer the train unions are upto their old tricks of possible strike action.

With the train journey to Walton-On-Thames station being approximately 45 minutes from Basingstoke, here are the possible train options and ticket prices using a Network Railcard. Adults £10.05, Kids £2.90. Without a railcard Kids are £7.60.

BSK 11.24am arriving Walton-On-Thames 12.09pm
BSK 11.30am      ”          ”       ”        ”      12.09pm (Change via Woking)
BSK 11.54am      ”          ”       ”        ”      12.39pm
BSK 11.57am      ”          ”       ”        ”      12.39pm (Change via Woking)

Then departing the same time each hour

Trains Returning
Departs 5.24pm arrives BSK 6.05pm (via Woking)
Then     5.37pm arrives BSK 6.28pm
            5.54pm arrives BSK 6.36pm (via Woking)
            6.07pm arrives BSK 6.58pm
Then departs the same time each hour.

I would suggest we meet at the station for 11am, to get tickets and check the train situation, as stated before about possible train strike action. If things change over the next ten days, I will update here.

Please contact me on here or at our next friendlies if you would like to travel with us. I will start a list later in the week.

Let’s give our players the welcome they deserve this season.  :)