Supporters Xmas Travel to Cirencester Town – Saturday 21st December 2019

Ok we will be providing travel details later, but as per last season’s Supporters Xmas trip (Swindon Supermarine), those fans travelling with us must be wearing at least a Santa hat.
If you haven’t got one, you need to go buy one.

ok our ticket magician is hard at work trying to save you your hard earned Xmas beer money :)
Anyway we currently have Adult ticket price at £19.45
This means getting the following trains.
BSK 10.20am to Reading at 10.37am then getting the 10.57am arriving at Kemble at 11.41am
As per last time we will have a quick beer in the pub 150yds from the station.
It is likely that we then order a taxi to get us into Cirencester and the Bees Knees pub for food and drink.
Please note that we will need a taxi from the Bees Knees to the ground (1 1/2 miles away), as the ground is down a country lane away from the Town Centre.
Remember Xmas Hats are compulsory or a fine will be imposed.
I will start a list later this afternoon.
Come and support Dan and the boys on the Supporters Club Xmas Away Day