Terry Brown statement on Sam Argent signing

Bringing Back Sam Argent is a great signing for the Club


Statement from Terry Brown

The opportunity to bring back home Sam Argent (the Alan Shearer of Basingstoke) –  a player who has scored over 150 goals in the last 3 years – was certainly an opportunity I didn’t want our club to miss. Sam will in my opinion be a massive signing who will grace this club for many a year. He has re-joined his hometown club not for money, but to be part of a special time as we become a new Community Club.

Great news on the football front, we now have a squad of 16 outfield players and 2 keepers. This makes for an exciting team that will look to score goals and entertain everyone who comes down to the Camrose.

To become a successful community club we need a partnership between the fans, the club and the team for which I am responsible. We know everyone has to work hard to maintain and increase the income to fund a successful team. More people watching our games will generate greater income; and broadening our fund raising to include those across the town who ‘support’ us but don’t attend games will help. As a Manager, my task is to recruit the best possible players I can get into the club whilst staying within our Budget –  a Budget I might add that is a third of the size it was when I joined the club.

We started this season with only eleven players signed on, eligible to play for the club.

This was due to the uncertainty of funding for the budget. After 3 defeats and selling Robert and Aaron prior to our FA Cup departure, we could replenish our squad up to 14 senior outfield players and two 18-year goalkeepers. I emphasized senior players as we have several younger lads who will like Aaron Jarvis will go on loan in October. Aaron was able to gain valuable game time, playing regular men’s football.

The games against Hartley and Hitchin emphasized the fact that we couldn’t ask Ben and Smarty to shoulder the burden of our attack on their own. Both of our new signings have been long term targets of both Jason and myself. Callum is a young 6ft3 inch target man who has the legs to run in behind and knows where the back of the net is, a perfect replacement for Aaron.

If we are to attract back and increase our supporter base, the only way is to be at the top end of our league. The structure of our playing staff allows us to look at the finances again in the New Year. It’s as simple as this: We will only be able to sustain this level of squad if we a) increase our gates and b) increase our fund raising by initiatives like the 200 Plus Club and events. That must be our firm objective.

Best Regards Terry Brown.