Travel to Chesham Utd Away – Tuesday 19th February 2019

Ok being a Tuesday night the trip to Chesham, a number of fans will likely make their own way to the ground. By car you can either use Junction 16 of the M25, then M40 and use the A3555. The other car option is Junction 18 of the M25 and then A404 to the ground. Both journeys although around 53 miles will take an hour 15 mins because of traffic on the M25.
Train options are also a little limited as the journey takes around 2 hours or more to get to Chesham underground station at the end of the Metropolitan Line. The ground is about 15 minutes walk from the station.
Train options are leaving Basingstoke at 4.17pm arriving Chesham 6.15pm, or 4.36pm arriving 6.37pm or 4.49pm arriving 6.46pm. The last option to get there before kick-off is getting the 5.17pm train arriving Chesham at 7.18pm
You will need to purchase a one-day travelcard, but ensure it is allows you to use Zone 9. Chesham is in Zone 9.

Please note return train options are limited, Leaving Chesham underground station at 10.27pm will allow you to travel via the Metropolitans and Jubilee line to get the 11.40pm train from London Waterloo, arriving Basingstoke at 12.27am.

Personally I am still undecided how I will get to the game, but If any of you want to travel by these train options, then please leave your details here, and maybe you can meet-up.