Vote for your Player of the 2019-20 season

Further to our earlier communication with regards to the reinstatement of the Home Player/ Player of the Season Trophy, we can now confirm how you can be part of the voting process.

Previously, it was done in a paper format close to the end of the season, however due to the abrupt end of this season, we will now have to take your votes by email.

Listed below are the Player Options that you can vote on.

Dean Stow,
Ben Cook,
Harrison Cliff,
Claudio Herbert,
Adam Everiss,
Simon Dunn,
Scott Armsworth
Josh Edwards
Alfie Saunders
Zach Robinson

Please send your ‘Player of the Season’ vote to the following email address

We will keep the voting open until the end of June, and then will announce the winner and a suitable time to present the Trophy to the worthy winner.



  1. Why have a vote for player of season but then dictate to fans they can only choose from 10 players selected from the 40 plus players used

  2. I have no issues with limiting this list to 10 players. I had two names in mind, but this allowed me to take my time and select one that I really wanted.