How To Help – Ask Your Councillor

One way you can help the “Save The Camrose ” campaign is by contacting your local councillor.

Contact Your Councillor – Ask them for their views and supportĀ  (Just copy the text below and send it to your local councillor)

Dear Councillor
As a resident in your ward, I would be grateful if you would provide answers to three simple questions.

Do you support the vision of Basingstoke Town Community Club to establish a community sports facility at the Camrose Ground to promote greater physical health and mental well being?

Do you support the case to retain the long established status quo of two main spectator football grounds (the Camrose and Winklebury Football Complex) in the town?

Will you be communicating your views to residents in your ward?

I look forward to an early reply.
Your Name

If you not aware of your local councillor then please click on this link to find themĀ

Please update us with any response from your councillor