An Unexpected Meeting With Some Of Last Season’s Academy Players

An Unexpected Update on some of last year’s Academy Players

With no Basingstoke games on Tuesday’s, I have started take the opportunity to go visit some grounds that Basingstoke Town are unlikely to play at for the foreseeable future, unless we plunge down a few more leagues?

Anyway, I took the opportunity to go and visit the newly formed (2012), Eversley & California ground just up the A30 last night, as they took on fellow Combined Counties League Division 1 team Bagshot.

I met with Andrew Hargrove in the local ‘Frog and Wicket’ pub close to the ground and after one quick pint walked to the ground ready for the expected 7.30pm kick-off.

As we walked round the clubhouse towards the turnstile I bumped into Jordan Goater and after a couple of minutes, I find out he’s been playing for Eversley & California for the last few games.

Anyway as we waited for the game to start, we spoke to the gatekeeper, who seems to almost run the club single-handidly, and he was writing up the teamsheets, when we noticed that it seemed half of last year’s academy were also playing for the home team.

At No.2 George McGuinness, 7. Will Shaw, 8. Ross McKernan, 10. Harrison Shade, 11. Jordan Goater. On the bench 16. Kaine Macaulay.

Anyway, the expected 7.30pm kick off was delayed till 7.50pm, but from the outset, it was clear Jordan Goater, playing in an attacking in left wing role, seemed an integral part of their team, as his teammates, tried to find him as often as possible.

Unfortunately, Bagshot took an early lead and although the rest of the half saw Goater send in numerous crosses, the finishing by the forwards was pretty shocking.

As the rain came down heavier, we took shelter in the small covered shed on the other side of the pitch. McGuinness playing right back is lightening quick and seemed ok in that position. Never really noticed McKernan or Shaw that much and Harrison Shade did ok first half, but was replaced at some point in the second half.

Bagshot should have had four goals in the second-half, but never added to their first-half goal, and Macaulay’s intervention in the second-half did nothing to the home teams hopes of scoring. You could blame the wind and rain for some of the poor finishing, but Bagshot were the deserved winners even though by the odd goal.

So if you fancied watching a few of last year’s academy guys, then Eversley & California about 15 miles away is the place to be.

By Martin French..