Latest Message From Manager Dan Brownlie

Our title winning Manager Dan Brownlie provides an update from the fans;

A note from Dan Brownlie… 

When planning for a season, I try and pin point the end goal. From there I work backwards and measure out how best we achieve it. When we kicked off last season, we had high hopes, dreams and aspirations – but the reality is so did everyone else.

What transcended was a season like no other. We spoke at length in the early stages about the importance of not letting moments slip us by. If we’d not won the league, we’d have all been thinking about the nearly moments – the what ifs. Now, we are afforded the luxury of being able to look back fondly about huge moments that created this monumental season.

In the height of all the emotion I’m not sure  I ever truly conveyed my true thoughts of that season.

My God, what a season it was.

I’ve tried explaining to the group about the legacy they’ve earned themselves. I count myself very lucky to be working with such talented people – within the management set up, players and volunteers. That sense of impact however goes far beyond the walls of our changing room.

After the league win, I managed to find a ‘quieter’ spot from the main stand where I was able to look out across a sea of outstretched limbs, blue and yellow scarves, young fans hugging, old supporters with tears in their eyes, volunteers hugging each other – it was a really sobering moment.

It’s the power of sport.

More so, it’s the power of Basingstoke.

The community of our borough understands the importance of sport. We have to hope and trust that those in privileged decision making seats and suits are starting to understand that too.

As a Management group, players and Club; we are so proud to be able to deliver a moment that will be spoken about in decades to come. I know that anecdotally through conversation with supporters – I’m always reminded of our history – the big games, the big players. This group will be rightly remembered amongst those memories.

I sent a message out to the lads yesterday basically earmarking yesterday as our final day of celebration. It had to come sooner or later, but if we bathe in our glory too long, we’ll lose sight of the future and what we are here to do. Admittedly, I’m not sure the players have stopped celebrating since the moment Brads winner at Fratton Park nestled into the bottom corner.

Quite right too…

Whilst legacy has been achieved and history been created, our recent past must now be used as a foundation. A building block. A step in a continuous trajectory of simply forward.

Next year is going to be incredibly tough. We know that. Even the most hardy of ‘Stoke fans will understand what the step up signifies and the tests that are yet to come. It’s a test that we’re looking forward to taking on – they’ll be ups and downs, but if there’s one thing that this year taught us – when we stick together in every corner of the club – we are a real force.

We’re patient with player recruitment. We’ve had a handful of conversations with players that we believe are the right fit. It’s important we do that. Announcements will come – but only once things are finalised. I know there is always an eagerness to know, but whilst we want to ensure everyone is kept up to date, never to the sacrifice of our own professionalism.

I understand that season tickets have just gone on sale. For those that dipped their toe in last year, I hope we showcased enough value for you to want to return. I can’t wait to see that stadium bouncing again.

Lastly, thank you.

We’ve received some lovely messages in recent weeks, and whilst I have a level of difficulty accepting them – please know that it’s appreciated.

For now, enjoy the short break and please continue celebrating on our behalf!