Match Report: AFC Bournemouth 8 – 0 Basingstoke Town Hants Snr Cup Tuesday 17th September 2019

Hampshire Snr Cup 17th September 2019
AFC Bournemouth 8 – 0 Basingstoke Town Attendance
Where: Vitality Stadium, Bournemouth Dorset?

Three cup played, three cups out!

Martin Kuhl’s line-up today was: 1.Albert White, 2. Alfie Saunders 3. Adam Everiss, 4. Dean Stow (Capt), 5. Reuben Collins, 6. Scott Armsworth, 7. Claudio Herbert, 8. Ben Cook 9. Ben Wright, 10. Zach Robinson, 11. Harrison Cliff,
On the bench; Aiden Harris, Arnold Linturn, Andrew Charsley, Riccardo Andrady and Reece Rusher

This will be a short match-report as it may be best to move on rather quickly.

For those who took the time to travel to the Vitality Stadium, I don’t think we were expecting to come up against such a strong skilful AFC Bournemouth reserve team, which included the 34-year old Simon Francis, the signs were not looking good.

With Stoke kicking off we looked to pass the ball around, but it was clear in the first few minutes, the passing ease that the home team were displaying, that the game would not stay level for long. With two half-chances not taken in the first 10 minutes, the first goal game on 11 mins, and was a low shot that beat our replacement keeper’s dive.

The game is still being played in our half for the next 10 mins or so and our first chance came on 27 mins as Zach Robinson is able to hold off his defender and gets a well hit shot away, but this is straight at the keeper.

We then have another attack on 28 mins, but this is broken up and the Cherries break again, which we initially stop, only for an audacious chip that has our keeper unable to get back in time. Bournemouth’s and Kilkenny’s second.

The next 10 mins sees Bournemouth attacking and missing two other chances and one last ditch tackle by Armsworth.

On 40 mins we have another shot, this time a 28yd shot by Ben Cook, but it’s not hit with any real conviction, and although their keeper fails to hold onto it, he has time to reclaim the ball.

On 41 mins and it’s ex-Poole Town forward Jake Scrimshaw, who finds himself through. His first shot rebounds back of the near post, only for him to hit the follow-up past the keeper to make it 3-0.

The next few minutes we are able to keep them out and we have one more attack, that ends with a Harrison Cliff shot that curls wide of the post.

The second-half gets underway and if your late back to your seat, you miss their fourth, as a simple move down the left, is just too slick for us and as a low-cross finds Kilkenny 3yds out who taps it home.

On 50 mins our keeper makes a fine save, as he tips a rifle of a shot over the bar. The referee missed it and gives us a goal-kick.

On 51 mins it’s five, as the home team have their shooting boots on as we give their forward time to take two touches before curling a shot into the far corner of the goal.

We then have a few minutes of play in their half, winning a corner that the keeper initially drops, but they clear. This is then returned after good work by Reuben Collins who clips the ball down the wing to Herbert, who touches the ball to Cliff, whose cross unfortunately goes behind the goal.

We then win the ball again and move forwards, the ball is pushed to Ben Cook about 25 yds and has time to take a shot, but decides to chip it towards Robinson and the Cherries clear. Fans are crying out for him to take the shot!

On 56 mins it’s six, as our defence seems to be marking spaces and not their players, as another cut back from the left finds an open forward who takes his time and fires it past the keeper into the bottom corner of the net.
On 58mins it’s now seven and another superlative finish into the corner of the net.

On 66 mins we are looking tired and there is no sign of the home team letting up, as they miss two good chances.
We somehow hold them for the next 10 mins, and we make two substitutions as Armsworth and Wright are replaced by Riccardo Andrady and Reece Rusher.

Our keeper makes a quality diving save on 79 mins diving to his right.

Then for 3 mins we are the team on the attack, as Rusher intercepts a poor pass, he turns and takes a touch, but his curling shot never looks like troubling the keeper as it flies wide. Then we attack again and the ball falls to Robinson in the box, but his shot is blocked, and they clear, only for Stow to win the ball back and we attack again only for Andrady’s decent shot that takes a deflection out for a corner.

On 85 mins it’s eight nil as another sublime chip has our keeper beaten again.

One more chance for Stoke from 5yds, but somehow we hit the keeper and it flies over for another corner.
I think Aiden Harris has come on, but to be honest I’m not sure who for, and most fans really what the final whistle to come.

The ref plays only two minutes of injury-time and it’s over and our hopes of another Hants Snr Cup run is gone for this year.

Final Score: AFC Bournemouth 8 – 0 Basingstoke Town

Match Report by Martin French..