Match Report: Basingstoke Town 4 – 2 Wimborne Town FA Trophy 1st Rnd Sat 27th Oct 2018

FA Trophy 1st Round Qualifier – Saturday 27th October 2018

Basingstoke Town 4 – 2 Wimborne Town (The Magpies) Attendance

Well for those fans who wanted to see us have a run in the FA Trophy, we deservedly got through our first hurdle with an action packed win against Wimborne Town today.

With Callum Bunting again missing through injury, and both our other two injury concerns George Bennett and Dan Bayliss starting on the bench, Jason Bristow brought new signee Robert Gerrard into the starting line-up at left back.

In goal: Colm McAdden, the back four Dean Stow, Shane Hollamby, Harry Philby & Robert Gerrard. The midfield contained Charlie Kennedy (Capt), Jack McKnight, Sam Deadfield & Sam Smart, with Sam Argent & Ben Wright again leading the attack today.

On the bench; Akers, Bayliss, Orvis, Collier & Bennett.

With the weather dry but very cold Basingstoke were attacking the clubhouse end in the first half, and were the first on the attack when we won our first free-kick inside 2 mins down the left-hand side. The quick taken free-kick however was wasted, as the cross flew over the bar.

As the first few minutes ticked by Basingstoke are still the team on the front-foot, but we are unable to create anything of note.

Then on 12 mins and Wimborne’s first real attack, they again prove they are a good attacking team as a quick passing move inside our penalty area, results with a shot into the far corner of the net. Basingstoke Town 0 – 1 Wimborne Town.

However, Stoke are back on the attack and Smart wins another corner down the right hand side. The corner however is headed well clear.

Then on 16 mins, our new left back Robert Gerrard plays a long ball over the top. Sam Argent is first to the ball and has the defender backing up, as he cuts inside and has 2 yds on the defender and then slips the ball over the oncoming keeper and into the net. GOAL Basingstoke Town 1 – 1 Wimborne Town.

Stoke are back on the attack on 21 mins, we win another corner, which is well taken by the keeper, but his quick clearance is sliced horribly out of play. The throw-in sets up another Basingstoke attack, with Sam Deadfield who slides the ball to Stow on the right, whose cross hits a Magpie defender and flies out for another corner on the Victor Meldrew side.

The corner is again taken by the keeper whose quick clearance this time is met by a mis-controlled touch by Gerrard, and the ball runs to a Wimborne player who hits it back over Gerrard’s head to a waiting Wimborne forward, who races away to our goal. To all the world apart from the linesman and referee the forward looks five yards off-side but he is allowed to continue and as he cuts inside the box, his shot beats McAdden at the far post and stoke are trailing again. Basingstoke 1 – 2 Wimborne Town

Basingstoke are straight on the attack down the right and a nice one-two move between Smart & Stow whose cross beats the first defender, but is hacked clear out for a throw-in.

Wimborne then have two attacks in our half on 27 & 29 mins. The first is a cross which is headed clear by Hollamby, the second is a shot from 25yds which is well blocked by Charlie Kennedy.

However, Stoke are continuing to put the pressure on a shaky Wimborne defence, who are starting to defend deeper and deeper in their half.

Then on 33 mins we win yet another corner, which fails to beat the first defender, but his clearance is poor and goes straight back to Sam Smart, who passes the ball to Sam Deadfield on the edge of the penalty area directly in front of goal, he shapes to shoot, but then slides the ball to his left where Ben Wright has acres of space. Wright takes one touch and as a defender comes rushing to him, he smashes the ball past him and the lead-footed keeper into the far corner of the net. GOAL Basingstoke Town 2 – 2 Wimborne Town.

Four goals in just over half-an-hour and the smallish crowd are being led to a goal-fest.

On 35 mins Gerrard wins the ball 10 yds into the Wimborne half, he takes two touches and then whips a decent cross into the heart of the penalty area, but there is no challenge on the centre back who heads clear and the Magpies break again. Kennedy put’s a quick stop to this attack, with a well-timed tackle on the half-way line and Deadfield retrieves the ball and pushes the ball out to Gerrard on the left. His pass to Wright gives Stoke another free-kick as he is clattered in the back by the Magpie defender. The free-kick is headed comfortably clear by a Magpie defender.

Then on 38 mins, we are back on the attack down the right, I believe it’s McKnight who sends a low cross into the penalty area. Argent just beats the defender to the ball, and gets the slightest of touches on the ball and it rolls towards the keeper who somehow lets it slide past his outstretched hands and it rolls into the far corner of the net GOAL Basingstoke Town 3 – 2 Wimborne Town.

Sam Argent now has two and two minutes later has a shot for a 3rd, but it’s well-blocked by a worn-out Wimborne defence.

As we move into the last minute of the first half, Wimborne has one more attack, but again Kennedy is there to block the shot and clears the ball away to McKnight.

Half-time: Basingstoke Town 3 – 2 Wimborne Town

There are no changes to Basingstoke as the 2nd half gets underway with us attacking the Town End and on 46 mins Wimborne have their chance to level-it as they attack down the right, the first cross is well-blocked, but the Magpie winger then turns on his left foot and sends another cross to the far post where a wide-open forward heads the ball past McAdden, but it hits the far post and we are able to clear the ball away.

This scare seems to kick start Stoke back on the attack as they spend the next 6 mins in Wimborne’s half. In that time, we win two free-kicks, which are both cleared for throw-ins, one of these produces a nice move by Smart and McKnight which leads to yet another Basingstoke corner, which again is cleanly taken in the air by the keeper.

Then on 53 mins Argent is fed the ball by Gerrard down the left, he slides it to McKnight who slips it to Deadfield, whose quick pass finds Argent who takes one touch but his shot slides two yards wide of the post.

A minute later and Kennedy chips a ball into Argent in the box, he takes it on the chest and then his volley flies over the bar.

Basingstoke are now fully on top and we have further chances by Wright whose shot slides 5yds wide of the near post and a free-kick on 64 mins which is taken by McKnight 30 yds out, whose power-drive is straight at the keeper.
Note their No9. Goes in the book for the tackle.

Wimborne are struggling to get back into the game, but they win a corner on 66 mins, and the ball bounces around our penalty area for a few seconds, before we are to clear it deep downfield.

Then on 69 mins, Smart has the next chance following a neat move between McKnight and Stow, who then slides the ball to Smart whose shot has the keeper beaten but is slides just wide of the far post for a goal-kick.

However, Stoke make it four a minute later, as Deadfield slips a ball to Argent, who not only fails to get a touch, but makes the defender miss the ball as well, and it falls to McKnight on his own. When McKnight gets in these positions he simply does not miss and after two touches smashes it past the keeper into the net. GOAL Basingstoke Town 4 – 2 Wimborne Town.

Basingstoke deserve this lead and we make our first substitution with Wright being replaced by Akers.

On 74 mins McKnight feeds Stow down the right whose cross is taken by the keeper. This time his clearance flies out on the left-hand side and he gets the usual cheer/jeer from the crowd.

On 76 mins Wimborne with good midfield passing work have a chance but the shot is well-saved by McAdden.

Then on 78 mins and with the Magpie No.9 looking like he should have had a free-kick after a challenge, as he loses the ball, the ball is cleared, but the referee brings a halt to the game, he then shows the striker Holmes a straight red card for dissent and the game is now pretty much over for Wimborne as he trudges off the pitch and down the tunnel.

On 82 mins, Stoke make it’s second change with Dan Collier replacing Sam Deadfield.

Collier is straight in the action as he wins the ball in our half and feeds Stow on the right hand side, who slips it Smart who takes it down the by-line before he slides it to McKnight four yds out. Jack’s shot on his left foot, is blocked on the line and Wimborne are able to clear.

That’s Sam Smart’s last contribution to the game as he is replaced by Jim Orvis on 88 mins.

Wimborne now look a tired and beaten team, but create one final chance but the shot from 30yds flies way over the cross-bar.

The ref indicates 3 minutes of injury-time, and we could/should have had fifth goal as a cross from the right finds McKnight at the far post, but his shot takes a deflection and the keeper is able to make the save.

The referee blows the final whistle and Basingstoke are in the hat for the next round.

Final Score: Basingstoke Town 4 – 2 Wimborne Town

Final Thought’s – Another well-deserved victory, despite falling behind twice in the first half.

McKnight now has six goals in six games, but was outshone by a good all-round performance by Sammie Argent who bags another brace of goals.

Gerrard’s debut looks to be a quality signing by the Team management as he has slotted into the left back role likes he’s been there all-season.

Colm McAdden had another solid game and had no chance with either goal.

Smart, had a solid game along with Sam Deadfield. And we will need them both on top form as we take on table-toppers Weymouth at the Camrose next week.

Match Report by Martin French..



  1. Hi Larry, To be honest I did at one point last year, but thought it best to just leave my post-match thought’s. I try to be diplomatic as well, because there have been games when you in conversation privately you would slate a player for his performance, but in my position can’t do it online.