Match Report: Cirencester Town 2 v 3 Basingstoke Town FA Trophy Saturday 12th October 2019

FA Trophy Preliminary Round 12th October 2019
Cirencester Town 2 – 3 Basingstoke Town Attendance 137
Where: The Corinium Stadium, Kings Hill Lane, Cirencester, Glos. GL7 1HS

The unbeaten run is now five as we head into the next round of the FA Trophy.

Dan Brownlie’s second cup game with £2,250 up for grabs decide to go with: 1.Chris Rackley, 2. Alfie Saunders 3. Adam Everiss, 4. Aaron Kuhl, 5.Reuben Collins, 6. Dean Stow, 7. Claudio Herbert, 8. Ben Cook, 9. Zach Robinson, 10. Harrison Cliff, 11. Riccardo Andrady,
On the bench; D’Andre Brown, Aiden Harris, Jordan Edwards, Mikey Davis and Scott Armsworth

The game gets underway with Basingstoke attacking the small covered end and the first few minutes sees both teams fighting to gain control of the midfield, however on the fourth minute we break, the first cross is initially cleared, but is sent back into the far post, where Ben Cook loops a header that has the defence and keeper thinking it’s going over the bar, but it suddenly drops and hits the far post and bounces into the net GOAL! Cirencester Town 0 – 1 Basingstoke Town

The game continues to be fought in midfield and new boy Aaron Kuhl appears to have slotted into the team well, and he makes a nice pass to Andrady who tries to slide the pass to Robinson, but the ball is initially blocked, only for Claudio Herbert to pick it up and send the ball onto Robinson who takes a touch then fires a shot that the keeper comfortably saves.

On 10 mins the home side win a free kick, the cross is met by a Centurion player who heads wide.
Cirencester continue to be looking for the equaliser and on 13 mins, Chris Rackley makes his first save on the game, pushing a shot out for a corner as he saves down at the near post. Rackley has time to catch the floated corner kick.

On 18 mins we then have our next attack of note as we break down the right and it’s Andrady who sends a low swinging cross that Cook at the far post just fails to get a touch on it.
The next few minutes are very quiet, until Stoke have the next real attack, when Cliff wins the ball in midfield and finds Robinson, who slides it to Andrady who takes it into the byline down the right, but his cross is blocked away.

Another attack from the home side again bring the best out of Rackley as he palms a shot out for a corner. We are able to head clear from the corner.

However on 31mins, the game is all-square as another attack on our goal and their forward smashes it home from an acute angle, Cirencester 1-1 Basingstoke.

The small home crowd are then silenced as within two minutes of the restart we are back on it as awe attack down the right, the ball is fed in by Herbert and the ball bounces around the goalmouth and it rebounds to Andrady who slots it home. GOAL!! Cirencester Town 1 – 2 Basingstoke Town (34mins)

It’s Stoke who continue to press home their advantage and on 38 mins a shot from Zach Robinson bring out a good save from the keeper. Then a minute later Cliff breaks again and finds Andrady whose shot is headed out for a corner. The corner is headed clear, only for Alfie Saunders to send it back in but the keeper punches this one clear.

On 44 mins, the home side break from another Stoke attack, but the initial good passing movement is wasted as a shot balloons high and wide of the goal.

Ben Cook is again back on it but the keeper is out and able to recover the ball at Bens feet.

The referee calls time on the first half with Stoke leading 2-1.

The second half gets back underway with the home side trying to even up the score and we spend the first two minutes struggling to get the ball clear. Then on 51 mins they do get an equaliser as from a corner that is initially cleared the ball is pushed out to a Centurion forward who hits it from 25yds and it curls away from Rackley who is taken by surprise and it finds the top corner of the goal, Cirencester 2-2 Basingstoke.

But today we are the team that seems to want it more, as on 56 mins we break down the left through Claudio Herbert, who then slides it crossfield to Andrady, he does his defender and sends in a low cross that has neither centre back able to take charge and it falls to Zach Robinson who slots it home, GOAL!!! Cirencester Town 2 – 3 Basingstoke Town

Stoke make their first change on 58 mins as Claudio Herbert is replaced by Jordan Edwards.
We then have another chance to increase the lead on 61 mins as further good work from Cliff and Edwards find Andrady who goes outside his defender with pace and sends a low shot from 12yds away that the keeper is able to save.

On 62 mins Rackley is back in action as he again makes a save at the left hand post.
The next few minutes see Cirencester searching for the equaliser, but some good blocking in our penalty area and a touch of luck allows us to stay ahead.

On 70 mins we then break again through Saunders who slides it onto Andrady, who slots it inside to Robinson about 10yds out, who takes two touches but as he looks to shoot, a defender slides in and clears.

We make our second change on 73 mins as D’Andre Brown replaces Aaron Kuhl who has put in a solid first appearance for Stoke.

On 77 mins we break again through Edwards, and the balls finds Andrady, who has the chance to double our lead, but takes way too much time on the ball and Cirencester clear.

There’s more pressure on our goal over the next five minutes, but tackles/blocks are made by Stow, Collins and Cook keep the home side at bay.

We make our third change on 87 mins as Zach Robinson is replaced by Mikey Davis.

We are now on 90 minutes and I don’t see the board with the extra-time go up but am informed it’s another 7 minutes to play.

On 92 mins a cross is met by a Centurion head, but it’s straight at Rackley who saves.

On 94 mins Saunders makes another good tackle and alleviates the pressure for a minute.

On 96 Reuben Collins heads clear and we keep the ball in the oppositions half as the referee blows the final whistle.

Stoke are in Mondays draw for the next round.

Final Score: Cirencester Town 3 – 4 Basingstoke Town

Match Report by Martin French..