Clubhouse Fund

The Supporters Club Board recently met and it was agreed that in effort to support the Community Club, we would start a fund for the future Clubhouse when we move to Winklebury. This will be a separate fund away from the main Supporters Club funds, that members and general fans can add or raise money towards the building and furnishing of the new Clubhouse.

So why are we doing this?   Currently, the amount that the present Owner has verbally promised, only really covers the building of the stands and terracing at Winklebury, and an amount that will go towards a season of League fees and a small amount towards a clubhouse. It is likely that to get a Clubhouse of the standard that most fans would like to see would in it’s self be close if not over £250,000.

Can we not get a grant from the Sports Fund to pay for this?   Yes, the Community Club will be applying for a grant, but we can only get upto 50% of the amount that the Community Club can raise, and this is to a maximum (I believe) of approximately £143,000.

Therefore raising funds that we can take to Winklebury are of vital importance.

How can I help?    There are many ways to help. Firstly, click on the Proffecy Fundraising link and see how you can help raise funds indirectly. Secondly, by supporting any Fundraising events run by your Supporters Club, or the Community Club. Thirdly, by making a donation, no matter how large or small to the Supporters Club, stating that this money is for the Clubhouse Fund. You can make this donation by either bank transfer (Please contact us by emailing to obtain our bank details), or by paying cash to any of the Supporters Club Board Members. To confirm your donation, you will receive a written receipt that your donation has gone into the future Clubhouse Fund.