Supporters Club 2020-21 Players Budget

With the cancellation of the season, and as per the 2019-20 Players Budget thread, I can now confirm that those supporters who donated money via monthly contributions, one-off payments and money raised via Golden Goal sales etc, we handed over £4,300 to the club for the two players (Adam Everiss/Ben Cook), for the season.
We can also announce that with the season halted, we now have a starting budget for the 2020/21 season in excess of £800.
However, this should really just be a starting point and we as supporters of our Community Club, should be looking to raise more money over the summer months, so that we can give Dan Brownlie a better budget for next season.
I know a few of you will continue to support us, but with no football on the horizon and very little external expenditure for our fans, would any of you be prepared to start a monthly donation or a one-off amount to the Players Budget for 2020/21.
This can be paid to the Supporters Club, Sort Code 23-05-80 A/C No. 24629279
Please mark the payment PB 2020/21 so that we can put the money into the correct fund.
I thank you for all those who wish to help in this way.