Supporters Club Post Xmas Indian Meal – Saturday 12th January 2019

Afternoon everybody, as per our latest Supporters Club Newsletter, we are intending to hold our pre/post Christmas Meal after next Saturday’s league match against Chesham Utd (12th January 2019).

I will be looking to book a table tomorrow morning for the Saffron Indian Restaurant in the Brighton Hill Shopping Centre. We use the Saffron, because we know that we can get book a table for a decent number of us there on a Saturday evening.

We intend to the book the table for between 7.15 – 7.30pm, which allows all fans to attend.
All Supporters and partners are welcome. So please contact me on here or at Tuesday’s match, so that I can confirm numbers to the restaurant later in the week.

If you just fancy coming to the meal itself, then your all more than welcome to do that. Normally finishes around 10pm.



  1. Do you have a spare copy of that code document that requires pre- reading before a meeting. Unable to download – no Office Cheers