Match Report: Weymouth 1 – 2 Basingstoke Town Saturday 2nd February 2019

Evo-Stick South Premier Division South Tuesday 2nd February 2019
Weymouth 1– 2 Basingstoke Town Attendance 795

Yesterday the TEAM put in a performance worthy of anything I have seen for sometime by our club and more importantly got the result that was deserved.

With the return of Sam Argent (suspension), midfielder Harry Pearse passing a fitness test, but with other players still injured, the line-up for today’s was as follows; 1.Tom McGill, 2. James Orvis, 3. Rob Gerrard, 4.Dean Stow, 5. Shane Hollamby, 6.Jake Wakely, 7.Sam Smart, 8.Kian Duncan, 9. Sam Argent, 10. Sam Deadfield, 11. Harry Pearse.

On the bench; 12. A. Harris, 14. Granger, 15. Collier, 16. Redford, 17. Akers

With the ridiculous segregation ridiculously removed half-an-hour before kick-off and on a bright sunny but cold day, we attacked the southern end goal in the first half.

The first attack was by Weymouth in the 3rd minute as they win a free-kick 35 yds out. The in-swinging corner is met by a Weymouth head, but he is under pressure and he can only head the ball wide.

A minute later and we should be one down, as they attack down our right, and after two passes a shot goes in which McGill makes a fine save, but he has to parry it back out where Goodship thankfully slices it wide of the goal.
We then spend the next five minutes in their half, with culminates in a free-kick by Deadfield swung into the goalmouth, but the keeper makes an easy save as he is put under no pressure from the kick.

On 13mins they win a further dangerous free-kick (but like many free-kicks today), this one is poor, but forces a good save out of McGill after it takes a nasty deflection.

On 16mins, Smart is sent wide down the right after a lovely move by Pearse & Gerrard on the left. Smart wins a corner but the corner is defended well.

Then on 18mins and with us breaking away down the left with Gerrard, he feeds Deadfield, who takes two touches then turns and slides the ball to Pearse into the box on the right, Harry then takes one shot and thumps a right-footed shot that beats the keeper at the near post. GOAL!!!!!!! Weymouth 0-1 Basingstoke Town

Superb goal by Pearse on his return and he is back on it on 20mins, as he wins the ball on the halfway line, he does a quick one-two with Deadfield, and then an inch perfect pass to Smart down the wing who races past his defender and sends in a cross that beats the first defender, but it is hacked clear just before Argent can get on it.

On 24 mins and another move down the right by Smart, as he beats his defender and his teammate, but then sends in a cross too close to the keeper who catches it comfortably.
Then it appears Shane Hollamby is down injured and after a 2 minute delay it is clear he is unable to continue and whilst he walks slowly round the pitch, he is replaced by Dan Collier.

Weymouth then have another half-chance from an attack, but the ball is initially blocked by Wakely, it bounces back to the Weymouth player who slides it wide where a quick cross is met by a flick by Goodship again, but a save by McGill and the ball is hacked clear by Stow.

Then on 31 mins we again break into their half and after good work by Pearse, he slides it to Argent to the right of the goal, but his shot flies over the bar.

Then on 34 mins after a bit of pressure, Smart races 70yds with the ball down the right, however his cross is well defended, and we win the corner. The short corner initially fails to work but we win it back and send a low cross to the near post, Argent is first on it but his shot not well-timed hits and then gets stuck between the keeper’s legs, Argent then tries to force it over the line, but somehow the ball trickles a foot wide of the post for another corner. Nothing comes from the corner.

We continue to look the better team and Pearse and Deadfield are dominating the middle of the pitch, but using Kian Duncan as the release player on the right.

Weymouth win two corners on 39 & 41 mins, but Wakely heads the first and Stow heads the second clear.
The referee blows the whistle for half-time with Stoke winning on the road.

The game gets back underway with Stoke kicking off, and we are back on it on 47 mins as Pearse sends Smart down the right, who again beats his defender, but his cross is hacked clear for a corner. The corner is headed clear, but we send it back into the box, but Deadfield’s flick is initially blocked to Pearse who hits it, but once again it’s blocked and they break deep down our right, but Gerrard makes a good tackle and puts it out for a corner. The corner is met by Wakely again who heads clear for a throw-in.

Stoke are back on it again as Smart and the impressive Duncan mug three Weymouth players with three flicks to each other and Smart is down the wing again. Another corner but this one by Deadfield is caught by the keeper.
Then Smart on 52 mins is sent through but the defender eases him to the right of the goal, and his shot is saved.

Then on 54 mins we win another corner down the right after good work by Duncan. The corner causes havoc in their 6-yard box, but Zubar who looks to have handled it, is allowed to carry-on, but Argent wins the ball back, and touches the ball to Pearse, whose shot is held by the keeper.

Then on 56 mins, Pearse sends Smart away again and he breaks clear of his defender and shoots from 20yds but a full-length dive by the keeper tips the shot away to the right and just past the oncoming Argent.

Whatever is put in the halftime is working wonders for the team, as we win the ball again through Duncan and Collier, they send Pearse away down the left, who cuts inside but his good shot flies a yard wide of the far post.

Then on 59mins, after a Weymouth attack we break and Pearse turns and sends a lovely through ball to Smart who races clear and calmly slots the ball past the oncoming keeper and sends the away fans in to hysteria behind the goal. GOAL!!!!!!!! Weymouth 0-2 Basingstoke Town

On 61 mins and after more good work by Stow, Duncan & Deadfield, who seems to be revelling in Pearse’s return, they create another chance for Argent, but the linesman has flagged for off-side.

On 63 & 64 mins two huge tackles by Stoke defenders, keep the home team from scoring. First by Wakely, the second by Gerrard.

It’s time for our second substitution as we decide to rest the returning Harry Pearse, who gets a huge send-off by the Basingstoke faithful behind the goal. Granger is on as his replacement.

The ref who had been a little bit inconsistent in the first half, now seems to only want to give them free-kicks. But every kick continues to be poor and we are able to fend off anything they throw at us.

As we move into the last 20 mins, Weymouth are laying siege on our goal, mostly from crosses down our right, but everything is either blocked or a Stoke defender is first to it and we clear.
Speculative shots by Weymouth players from 25 -30 yds are now comfortably saved by McGill or fly high over the bar and out of the ground.

On 73 mins we create another chance as Duncan & Deadfield, feed Smart again and he races down the right and sends in a lovely cross, which flies past the face of the goal, but Argent is inches a way from getting a touch.

However on 76mins, Weymouth are back on it again and create a half-chance, as a well-blocked cross falls to a Weymouth forward, but his shot from 8yds is dragged wide.
Two more free-kicks just outside the box are poor by the home team and we are holding them pretty well at the moment. The midfield have dropped 15 yds deep now, but the effort by players in chasing down every ball is immense.

On 79 & 80 mins firstly Stow clears off the line from a McGill half save, then Wakely makes a huge sliding tackle/block as they create an opening 10yds out.

After a couple of minutes of action on the halfway line, which culminates in Argent being tackled to the ground with Zubar’s arm all over him, but still no free-kick given, it is time for Sammie Argent to take a seat and a well-earned seat on the bench. His replacement is Aaron Redford.
Further assaults by Weymouth again create any real effort on goal, as the defence are first to everything. This includes a double-block by Orvis in the space of 10 seconds.

The game now heads into 5 minutes of injury-time and the home team are still unable to break us down. Collier makes a lovely tackle on 91 mins, but the ref gives a free-kick anyway. However, the shot is hit two yards wide and we are holding on.

Then on 93 mins and just as we are holding them further away from our goal, a shot by Calin Brooks pulls a goal back, from about 25yds finds the far corner of the net despite a full-length dive by McGill.

Minutes 94 & 95 we are able to keep the ball away from our goalmouth, but then on 96 mins they create one final chance but Wakely is there with another huge block.
The ref has no alternative but to blow the final whistle as it hits 97 mins on the clock and he sends the away fans into delight.

Final Score: Weymouth 1 – 2 Basingstoke Town

Final thought’s – Well, well, well, we put in a TEAM performance that is simply the best I have seen for some time. The effort in keeping the home team at bay and the chasing, blocking and simple getting in the way of everything that was thrown at us today was immense.

Wakely was huge today, but let’s face it the whole defence Stow, Orvis and Gerrard were brilliant today.

Pearse’s return was a major factor as his continuous running and effort, clearly allows Deadfield more freedom on the pitch.

Smart was full of running today and today got his just desserts for recent improving performances.

Kian Duncan had another really good performance today and along with Collier who run his socks off were great as holding midfielders. Granger also put a shift in for the 30 odd minutes he was on the park.

I would think Martin Kuhl and Dan Brownlie will be hugely happy with their game-plan and the effort the team gave them today.

The Basingstoke fans who spent hours in getting to Weymouth were simply fantastic and gave great support throughout the game today.

Great day, great result and it gives us momentum as move towards another home time against Salisbury Tuesday, if it goes ahead?

Match Report by Martin French..